Ad agency creates peep show to raise breast cancer awareness

An unusual attraction popped up over the weekend in the windows of Havas Worldwide Chicago that is causing more than a few double takes.

Taking its place near shopping meccas Eataly and Nordstrom, a storefront peep show with pink and purple neon lights is beckoning curious passersby to check out “Topless Girls Girls Girls” at the busy corner of Grand and Wabash avenues.

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How can you market to millennial moms?

CEO Paul Marobella weighs in on how to reach modern mothers through finding emotional truths, offering escape from daily life, and marketing mobile-first.

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Through The Lens: Jason M. Peterson

With considerable, hard-earned clout in the world of Instagram, the creative influencer talks his artistic roots, influences, and new muse.

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Ragu ‘Simmered in Tradition’ In First Work With Havas

Ragu went back to its start for a new advertising campaign that quickly tells the story of its founder, who sold sauce from her front porch during the Great Depression.

The spots, which began airing Monday, are the first work on the brand from Havas Worldwide Chicago, which won the account in late June.

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A job interview on the Ferris wheel? Um, OK.

Top executives from ad agency Havas Worldwide commandeered six of the Navy Pier Ferris wheel’s gondolas a September morning to interview job candidates for several dozen positions, giving each applicant two revolutions of the wheel — about 15 minutes — to convince them why they should be hired.

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Reynolds Made a Clever Instagram Cookbook That Feels Like an ‘Endless Table’

Foodies are already some of Instagram’s heavy hitters, so Reynolds turned its account into a giant dinner table by stitching together glossy, overhead pictures that take advantage of the app’s grid layout.

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In Hefty’s #SaidNoSchoolEver Campaign, Teachers Sarcastically Proclaim They Have All The Supplies They Need

Hefty, with help from Havas Chicago, has launched #SaidNoSchoolEver, a brilliantly witty campaign composed of online video, social media posts and influencer outreach. The campaign calls attention to the ongoing lack of funding many schools face with teachers proclaiming the complete opposite of the reality they face on a daily basis. Hefty ensures everyone gets the sarcasm by using the hashtag #SaidNoSchoolEver.

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10 agency Instagram accounts worth checking out

Agencies may spend most of their time sprucing up their clients’ Instagram feeds, but several of them spend a considerable amount of time adding a good dash of creativity to their own accounts. Here’s a roundup of 10 of them, including Havas Worldwide Chicago.

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Teachers Say They Have Too Much Money for Supplies in This Sarcastic Hefty Campaign

Trash bag company Hefty and Havas Worldwide Chicago tackle a big issue—one that’s more powerful than smelly garbage or nondurable bags—for the brand’s new #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign.

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Shot glasses and Batman figures: A look at the collections of agency creatives

Stamps, coins and comics are for your grandfather. Agency creatives get a bit more, well, creative with the swag they collect — be it records, Batman paraphernalia or salt and pepper shakers. Learn what Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson collects in his spare time.

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