Hefty Hefty Hefty


The Return of an Iconic Chant

For the launch of Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags, Hefty’s strongest bags yet, we decided to bring back the brand’s iconic HEFTY! HEFTY! HEFTY! chant. However, reviving a 30-year-old tagline in a fresh and culturally relevant way is no small feat—especially when it’s for a product that everyone uses, but no one really thinks about. So, tapping strong man John Cena, our brand’s sense of “Hefty® humor,” and a bit of brawn, we brought the brand back into the cultural conversation.

From flexing pectoral muscles in the checkout line to average-man-turned-Cena transformations in-aisle, the campaign highlights the strength, savings, and smarts that come from buying Hefty’s new Ultra Strong waste bags. Through a fully-integrated, multimedia product launch campaign that spans TV, radio, online video, display, and social media, we’ve successfully begun talking to consumers about trash bags in a way they haven’t been spoken to before—and got them talking about Hefty again in the process. Our double-digit increases in sales numbers aren’t too shabby, either.

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