A Heroic
Social Partnership

Turkey Tent


Social-Smart Partnering

Reynolds Wrap doesn’t exactly make you think ‘social media’ as much as it does stretching over pots and pans or covering those leftovers from lunch. But we’ve given the brand a facelift, starting with popular digital platforms. By activating Instagram’s unique tagging capabilities, we created the first-ever Instagram Cookbook, titled “Endless Table.” The @reynoldskitchens Instagram account holds hundreds of gorgeous photos stitched together, complete with recipes and instructions on how to make the dinner of your dreams—or at least a dinner your kids will love. And through a well-planned influencer partnership with Vine celebrity BatDad, we’ve turned social media-savvy moms and dads into fans of both the super-father and the foil he uses to make his food and keep his family entertained.

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