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We’re in the business of meaning.

It shows in our approach to the work. We believe that brands succeed when they’re meaningful in an ever-evolving world. Because if a brand means something to people, they’ll feel something. And if they feel something, they’ll do something.

It’s reflected in our obsession with fostering a diverse environment for our people and partners, placing them and our greater purpose above just profits.

Meaningful Brands™

Meaningful Brands™Meaningful Brands™
For the last fifteen years, Havas has been dedicated to understanding and building Meaningful Brands™. Its annual Meaningful Brands™ report is a landmark study of brand value which interrogates new behaviours, shifting cultural dynamics, and priorities for people, businesses and brands in a complex world. The latest study surveyed 91,000 people across 10 global markets, along with 1,300 brands across 42 categories and reveals that:


of people surveyed are tired of brands pretending they want to help society when they just want to make money 


think the world is going in the wrong direction, at a global level


believe brands should be doing more to improve and support their personal health and well-being 

The role of our Meaningful Brands™ study is to explore these shifts. At their best, meaningful brands win people’s loyalty; they occupy a bigger space in culture; they have a deeper resonance in people’s lives; and they set themselves up for the long-term win. They combine purpose with customer centricity to not just grow, but “Grow Well” - giving back to the people and the planet. In many ways the expectations of brands have never been higher. And we at Havas think that is a good thing.
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Culture is meaningful.

Unlike other networks, our partners are not just other agencies. They’re partners that create culture—music labels, gaming companies, live event organizers, TV networks, film studios and video distribution platforms.

Together, we boast an offering that invents a new relationship between brands, consumers and entertainment. Why? Because work that is meaningful is work that’s cultural. And work that’s often an industry first.


Universal Music Group

The world's leading music company, including more than 50 labels covering all genres of recorded music, music publishing and merchandising.



A global force in pay TV as well as the production, sales and distribution of movies and TV series.



The second-largest French-language publishing group, encompassing fiction, children’s books, non-fiction, graphic and illustrated books, and educational and reference books.



A global leader in mobile games, with 2.5 million downloads per day.



One of the biggest video content aggregation and distribution platforms in the world, with 250 million users each month.


Vivendi Village

A powerful collection of ticketing systems, venues and production houses spanning the entire globe.

It takes a

We are the most integrated agency offering available. Working side by side by side as the Havas Village. Analytics, Strategy, Creative, Media, Digital, CRM, PR, Experiential, Production and more—all in one place. Through this model, we build fluid teams around each client’s needs, all under one P&L. This type of true integration allows us to migrate scope to the right solutions for our clients’ business when and for only as long as they require. The result is unexpected solutions that drive business in the most efficient ways. And leaders who are all in.  

Leadership Team

Myra Nussbaum

Myra Nussbaum

Co-President & Chief Creative Officer
Havas Chicago
Kat Ott

Kat Ott

Havas Chicago
Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Havas Formula
Jorge Plasencia

Jorge Plasencia

Chairman & CEO
Republica Havas
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Jill Mennenga

Group Managing Director
Havas Health & You
Theo Leany

Theo Leany

Director of New Business
Danni Brace

Danni Brace

Global Growth Director
Havas People
Lance Koenig

Lance Koenig

Chief Strategy Officer
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